Refund and Returns Policy


Currently we have following paid services at the portal:

  • CV Download Packages

In case user is not able to avail services as granted by purchased package, he need to contact for the troubleshoot.

For any payment done for CV Packages is eligible for refund, if following situation arises:

  • User has paid by mistake twice for the same package on same day from same login id.

User need to write about his double payment to, with payment references & screenshots.

Upon successful confirmation from our bank / payment gateway for double receipt of the same package,

Refund will get initiated.

Refund will get credited to user account within 7 working days in the same payment mode from which he has paid originally.

It may take longer also depending on the banking situations.

Or if user want refund in different payment method, he has to raise the request to

Need help?

Contact us at for questions related to refunds and returns.